Swedesboro Home Remodeling Contractors

Swedesboro Home Remodeling ContractorsYour Swedesboro home remodeling contractors, Ideal Remolding, is happy to be the team for your remolding project. Our process puts the control in your hands- you think it, we frame it. One call can get you started! During your initial consultation with us, we’d like to get the basic information pertaining to your home and how our services can better suit your idea. During this first of many conversations with us, we want to see any photos you can share of your existing space and photos of what you’re looking to do can help us understand your thoughts while making sure we are a good fit for your project. 

Once an idea and an interests of collaboration with us has been fostered, we will meet at your home to discuss your project further and put our eyes on the scope of work. Once we are in the home and can put our eyes on the space to be altered, we assess the space, take measurements and discuss material options. From there, the financial logistics are broken down, and an estimated cost can be made. Once a budget can be solidified, we can have further discussion of material, and design at this stage to reach a suitable agreement.

With the design in place, the project comes to life as we bring together all the decor and materials. We have selected suppliers that work with our clients and help you make you home selections. With all the pieces brought together, we can finalize the proposed outline in great detail, so our client can get the clearest idea  for a final review and signature. If necessary, we will address architectural plans, permits and special order materials.

Your project then comes to life- our team come in and as the project moves forward our team will communicate with you regularly on timelines and how the project is coming along.  As your project nears completion, we confirm your complete satisfaction and address any “punch list” type items (to add any extra accents to round out the look). If need be, you can depend on us for final inspections.

As your Swedesboro home remodeling contractors, we will put every effort with our variety of skills into your home! To see our work, check us out here!