5 Things to Consider During a Bathroom Remodel

5 Things to Consider During a Bathroom Remodel

Let’s take a look at five things homeowners should consider when having a bathroom remodel done to their house.

#1 Bathroom Size

Size really doesn’t make that much of a difference! Obviously a bathroom remodel done to very large bathrooms will be more expensive. Simply put, a bathroom that is 50 sq.ft. is not that much different in price then a bathroom that is 75 sq.ft. even though it is 1.5 times the size. Logic would tell you it should be 1.5 times the price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “but it’s such a small bathroom”. As most remodeling projects go, the smaller the space the larger the cost per sq.ft.

#2 Permits- Not All Jobs Need One

This was not always the case in New Jersey. Recently the law has changed so that as long you are replacing with the same type of fixture in the same location you do not need a permit. So if in your bathroom remodel, you change out a tub enclosure with a new unit, no permit is needed. Now if you change that same enclosure to a full tile shower (no tub) you would need a permit even though it is in the same location. It is referred to as: “Like for Like.”

#3 Bathroom Remodel Project Timeline

A basic bathroom remodel is typically 2 weeks. I know, all contractors say that. If the bathroom is being gutted, changing fixture locations or if it has inspections involved, it could take 3-4 weeks. Of course larger bathrooms could take longer.

#4 Age of Home Affects Price

The age of the home also plays a part in the price. The older the home the more extensive the remodel. An old home means old pipes, floor boards the are rotted and most times cannot be tiled over. Many times the older homes have had multiple remodels over the years that were done poorly. These remodels sometimes cause more damage and add more costs to correct.

#5 Age of Plumbing

Most homes built from the 1980’s until now have pvc or abs drain lines. If your home was built before then you may have to consider having all of your drain and water lines replaced under the floor. Older pipes are undersized by today’s standards. This is a large expense that many people don’t understand since it all worked fine before. Look at it this way, If you are going to spend the time and money on remodeling you want to make sure everything drains properly. The vibration from the demo can loosen old joints and debris in the drain lines that can cause clogs and leaks. Replacing the plumbing ensures that your new investment is protected.

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