Do I Need a Design for my Remodel?

Do I Need a Design for my Remodel?

When starting a remodel most people ask themselves “do I need a design for my remodel?”, If you like to live life on the edge and enjoy spending money unnecessarily then a design for your remodel may not be for you. But if you want to have a clear vision of what’s next and know that you and the contractor both see the same thing, then you should consider this step. It can be one of most important parts of your remodeling project.

I like to say that a well put together design and a detailed proposal helps to close the gap between: “What we plan to do and what the client thinks we plan to do.” A design is like a set of directions for your remodel. Words, even in written form, can be misinterpreted but I find it hard for that to happen visually. Specifying where products should be placed, sizes, colors, door swings and lighting locations, just to name a few; all makes for less decisions while a project is underway. It also helps to see where problems may arise allowing us to go back and rethink things before swinging a hammer or placing any special orders!

Another major benefit to a design is how it communicates the work to be completed on site to all of the trades. Where should these recessed lights be? Look at the design. How many niches in the shower? Look at the design. Are there any drawers in the vanity? You guessed it, Look at the design! I can’t express how many times I have personally said “I’m glad we have a design!”

A design is very rarely done in one sitting though. Sometimes the original will be revised multiple times until a final is complete. It is a collaborated effort between the client and designer that really starts with listening to the client’s needs and years of experience! Multiple trips to the home to get it just right is not unheard of.

So, is it really worth it to get a design for my remodel? In my opinion, absolutely! It does have an upfront cost but helps to avoid mistakes that can cost more along the way. There will always be game time decisions to be made when remodeling but limiting them helps projects to be completed on time and on budget. All of these reasons will lower the stress of remodeling and can even make it a fun experience!

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