George & Loula P. of Haddonfield

“Once a remodeling project is completed, we hear individual people make the comment that ‘if I had to do the project all over again, I would have done few things differently.’ Thanks to you and the people who worked with you in our remodeling kitchen project recently, there is nothing we would do differently if we had to do the project all over again. We commend you and thank you for a job well done.

We appreciate the manner with which you developed the contract, modified it as the project moved along, and executed it to its completion. The cost was reasonable; the work was done within the time frame and driven by knowing what needs to be done and doing it step by step. People who see our new kitchen note the precision with which the cabinetry, ceramic floor and ceramic counter back splash were installed; the conversion of the kitchen door to an open space matches perfectly the other open spaces in the house. Both you and the people you worked with were courteous and respectful to one another and to us.

We admire and respect the pride you show in your work. What you showed of yourself as a carpenter during our initial discussion is what we got throughout the project. Your openness to our suggestions and attention to detail of ‘little things’ contributed great deal to the project. We were lucky to have your company remodel our kitchen. We enjoy our kitchen every minute we are in it.

We wish both you and Ideal Remodeling much success in your work and your plans for the future. You have our permission to use our name as a reference.”

Project: Kitchen Remodel