Haddonfield Kitchen Remodeling Job

haddonfield kitchen remodeling

This Haddonfield Kitchen Remodeling job turned out to be exactly what the clients were looking for! It’s bright, open and looks as if it has always been there in this 80 year old home. The cabinets are by Saint Martin Cabinetry with quartz counters. The Shaw clay fired farmhouse sink really stands out with the sink base pushed forward. A 12 foot long bank of custom depth wall cabinets were added to an empty wall with some glass panel display doors. In place of their breakfast table we even built them a table from the cabinet material and installed a quartz top to match. The original yellow pine hardwood floors were refinished back to the original color which was a nice change from the dark floors these days. What really tops this kitchen off is the marble mosaic tile backsplash that almost has a floral pattern. We are very proud of this project and can’t wait for the lady of the house to see it! She has been away for the entire project! I’m sure we can all agree that this guy deserves the “Husband Of The Year Award”! Check out our youtube video to get a full walkthrough!

Haddonfield Kitchen Remodeling Job Highlights

  • Saint Martin Cabinets
  • Quartz Countertops
  • Clay Farmhouse Sink
  • Custom Matching Table
  • Refinished Hardwood Floors

Haddonfield Kitchen Remodeling Job Photos

Haddonfield Kitchen Remodeling Job Video