How to Make Selections for Your Kitchen Remodel

How to Make Selections for Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you curious how to make selections for your kitchen remodel? Do you know what order your should make them in? Below is a handy guide to selecting materials for your kitchen remodel.

So, you have decided to remodel your kitchen. Now what? The information below is what we have found works for us in selecting products in an order that makes sense. I hope you find it helpful and easy to follow:

1. Cabinet Layout & Appliances:

Cabinet Layout & Appliances

Although selecting your cabinets and finishes may be a fun place to start, every kitchen remodel starts around the size of the appliances and the layout of the cabinets. Knowing what size your appliances are and working a cabinet layout around them is always first. Most appliance companies have standard sizes to choose from, so as long as you know the size you are going with, the actual selection can be decided later. But you should have an idea of what you are purchasing.

2. Cabinet & Flooring Selection:

Cabinet & Flooring Selection

The flooring finish will play a part in the selection of cabinet color. For example, you may not want a dark wood floor if you selected a dark wood cabinet. Will the flooring be going throughout the first floor? If it is, then that may determine what color cabinet you choose. Most clients pick a painted cabinet with wood tone flooring and stained cabinets with tile flooring. Not that mixing them up is wrong, it’s just a little more difficult. These are all things to keep in mind to help determine the selections. For these reasons, the cabinet and flooring selection are usually together.

3. Counter Selection:

Counter Selection

Now that you have your cabinet and floor selected, it is time for the counter. Taking a sample of the cabinet door with you is recommended and a flooring sample if possible. Since you’ve made it this far, you probably already have an idea of a general counter color you want in your kitchen. Once your selection is made, we also recommend taking a sample of your counter with you for the next step. As a general rule, taking samples with you along the way is recommended since pictures can be deceiving.

4. Backsplash Selection:

Backsplash Selection

In our experience, it is easier to match a splash to a counter than a counter to a splash. Tile selections are endless as the counter selections are more limited. If you chose a tile for your kitchen floor then you may choose to select the tile and the splash together.

5. Paint Selection:

Paint Selection

This is one of the last selections to be made. If you try building your kitchen remodel around a paint color this process may be pretty complicated. Keep in mind, that it is only paint, and it doesn’t have to be forever and fairly inexpensive to change.

6. Hardware & Fixture Selections:

Hardware & Fixture Selections

This isn’t really last as it can be selected anytime throughout the process. You may want to pick up a color from the counter or floor with the hardware selection or simply do something completely different. It’s just nice to have a plan before making these selections.

Quick Tip: Keeping a photo album from online searches of potential selections, whether it be on your phone or print outs in a folder, can be helpful while visiting the vendors and putting everything together. Many times, someone will show us a picture and simply say, that’s what I want my kitchen to look like.

I hope these steps help you! You may find another way to make your selections. This is just what has worked for us and our clients in the past. Best advice I have, is to start early so you are not just settling. Also, be excited! You’re getting your kitchen remodeled! If you need us in any way, we are here to help.