How To Survive a Kitchen Remodel

How To Survive a Kitchen Remodel
Remodeling your kitchen is a very exciting time but there are a few things that can be done ahead of time to help ease the process.  Hopefully some of these tips may help you prepare for your remodel:

How To Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Set up a temporary kitchen: This is a must!  A large folding table with your coffee maker, toaster, Ninja, Air Fryer, Crock pot and anything else that can help you to get through this camping trip can help you along the way. Possibly putting your refrigerator next to this table with a large storage shelving unit for food items may be helpful also. 

Meal Prep: Possibly spend some time cooking and freezing weeks before the remodel so it is easier to have some prepared meals in a crockpot.

Grilling: Using an outdoor grill may be a huge help.  You can still cook a healthy meal without having a kitchen. 

Utility Sink: If you don’t have a utility sink close to the kitchen level, in your garage, etc then you may want to think about adding one before you start and making this part of the budget if possible. Running up and down the stairs cleaning dishes in your tub will be old after the first trip.

Material Selections: Making as many decisions as possible before you start and having a clear scope of work will help your contractor to have everything in line to be installed as the next step is completed. The last thing you want is to be ready to have a working sink and your faucet is on back order. 

Label your boxes when you pack up your kitchen: Unless you want to spend a half hour searching for your daughters favorite Disney “Stitch” mug then I suggest you take your time, label the boxes and make them easily accessible.