Kitchen Remodeling in Merchantville, New Jersey

Kitchen Remodeling in Merchantville, New Jersey

Ideal Remodeling just finished this beautiful kitchen remodeling in Merchantville, NJ. We were so happy to help this family with their kitchen remodel! Does this kitchen look familiar? If you live in South Jersey then you have seen this home model built in the 80’s a hundred times. This family has lived in this home for many years and their kids now have their own families. After many holidays of everyone in different rooms, someone said “Wouldn’t it be nice if this wall could be removed?” The answer is yes. In this case it was not a load bearing wall but don’t let that scare you. With the right planning, a good contractor can open up just about any wall.

When planning this project we knew that a seated island wouldn’t work but don’t knock the peninsula! With little space to work with the first thing to do was extend the kitchen cabinets into what was the eat in part of the kitchen and carry the counters all the way to the wall. This required changing the window to be above the counters. Allowing us to put 2 large drawer bases that make for tons of storage.

The next big thing was an added pantry cabinet next to the refrigerator. So, the wall cabinets lost with the wall removal, have been replaced with more practical and easily accessible storage space.

Then, as the project progressed, the client asked about a display hutch. We designed it and gave the team on site some creative freedom with the project. The clients love it and we think they knocked it out of the park! The wood top breaks it up and the 45 degree Shiplap looks amazing!

Last thing was the range hood. This thing works great and just looks really cool. To me it says “In this house, we know how to cook!”

What a fun project for great people! We hope that their home continues to be the gathering place for the entire family.

Photos of Kitchen Remodeling in Merchantville, New Jersey

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