Small Kitchen Remodel in Haddonfield, NJ

Small Kitchen Remodel in Haddonfield NJ

We are very proud of what our team has done with this small kitchen remodel in Haddonfield, New Jersey. There weren’t too many options within the current layout but it really came together nicely and we were able to maximize the space in this older home. The basement doorway was relocated to the dining room to make more counter space while also making the entrance to the kitchen wider. We brought in more natural light by putting in a larger window and set the bottom of the window to the counter height. The natural light with the bright colors and high ceilings makes this kitchen feel much larger than it is. The same Saint Martin Cabinetry was carried into the dining room as a buffet table and a custom built dining table to match the cabinets and counters. We just love how this turned out! 

Features of Small Kitchen Remodel in Haddonfield, NJ

  • Relocated Basement Doorway to Free Up Space
  • Replacement of Window
  • Saint Martin Cabinetry
  • New Backsplash and Counters
  • Carried Counters and Cabinets into Dining Room

Photos of Small Kitchen Remodel in Haddonfield, NJ