What finish paint should I use?

What finish paint should I use

People often ask us what finish paint they should use. Generally speaking there is a paint for everything. You can paint vinyl and even glass. On a basic level the sheen (or shine) of a paint is a bit confusing to some people. So we are going to breakdown this mystery for the average person to understand.

Flat or Matte Finish Paint:
. Flat paints are generally used in low traffic areas and ceilings.
. They have the least shine of all the paints (Flat being the lowest).
. They are generally the cheapest paints and the lowest in durability although they have gotten much better in recent years.
. Both paints are the easiest to touch up down the road.
. Best paint sheens for walls with many imperfections

Eggshell Finish Paint:
. Less shine than satin but more then flat and matte. Think of the surface of an actual egg – that’s the finish.
. A little more durable than a flat or matte.
. Great for walls that are in good to moderate shape.
. Our personal preference for kitchens.

Satin Finish Paint:
. Very easy to clean but touching up later on can be tough. Sometimes resulting in repainting an entire area.
. Great for bathrooms and super high traffic areas like mudrooms.
. Not the best for walls that have many imperfections. Imperfections will be enhanced.

Semi-Gloss or Gloss Finish Paint:
. These are the most durable of paints.
. Not meant to be touched up.
. Mainly for trim, doors, cabinets and staircases.
. Not the sheen choice for walls since it reflects light and makes every imperfection stand out.