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Master Bathroom in Blackwood, NJ

Master Bathroom in Blackwood, NJ

Our team at Ideal Remodeling recently took on the project of updating a builder’s grade bathroom into a modern custom master bathroom in Blackwood, NJ. The new clients had reached out to our team due to their builder’s grade bathroom being outdated, and in desperate need of renovations. The original bathroom, a cramped five-by-eight space with a basic tub and surround, was completely overhauled to maximize both style and functionality.

The highlight of this transformation is the installation of a KERDI-SCHLUTER tile shower system. The old tub was replaced with a sleek, custom shower featuring a floating bench and a tiled niche for added convenience and elegance. The floor of the shower, as well as the main bathroom floor, was upgraded to custom tile, adding a touch of luxury to the small space.

Despite its size, the bathroom now feels much more spacious and inviting. The single vanity and toilet were updated to match the modern aesthetic of the shower. Every element was carefully selected to ensure the room is both practical and stylish.

This transformation shows that even the smallest bathrooms can make a big impact with the right design choices. Now, this five-by-eight bathroom in Blackwood is far from builder’s grade—it’s a contemporary retreat that exemplifies both form and function.

“Mike K, Mike, Zach, and Miguel did an amazing job with our master bathroom! Mike K was very easy to communicate with. The whole team was very clean and got the job done quickly. We’re very happy with how everything turned out and won’t hesitate to use Ideal Remodeling for other projects and refer them to our family and friends!”

Photos of Master Bathroom Project in Blackwood, NJ

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Two Bathroom Remodel in Collingswood, NJ

Bathroom Remodel in Collingswood

Ideal Remodeling recently completed a two bathroom remodel in Collingswood, New Jersey. The first bathroom has a new custom tile shower with espresso colored cabinetry. We added a linen cabinet in place of the bulky framed closet that was once there. The shower was then enlarged by 12” but the big change happened by replacing the wall between the shower and the toilet with a half wall. Then installing frameless glass on the half wall gives the illusion of a much larger bathroom.

First Bathroom Remodel in Collingswood

The second bathroom needed some changes to the original layout which was challenging in such a small space. We relocated the tub to the far back wall and added grey cabinetry in the old tub location to give more room while standing at the sink. The hexagon floor tiles are set in a random pattern and give a classic look with a modern twist. The shower was tiled with white beveled subway tile all the way up to the ceiling. Then beadboard wainscoting was added as it was in the original bathroom design. The radiator is original to the home! It was powder coated off site and reinstalled.

Second Bathroom Remodel in 19th Century Collingswood Home

This client loves their new bathrooms so much we will be remodeling two more in their Ocean City home in March! If you are interested in a bathroom remodel for your home, please contact us for a free quote.

Watch Videos of This Project

Bathroom Remodel in 19th Century Home 1 of 2

Bathroom Remodel in 19th Century Home 2 of 2


Basement Remodel in Turnersville, NJ

Basement Remodel in Turnersville, NJ

We recently finished this large basement remodel in Turnersville, New Jersey. If you’ve ever thought that you could use more space in your home then finishing your basement is a great place to add much needed square footage at a fraction of the cost to build an addition. Ideal Remodeling recently completed this basement remodel in Turnersville, NJ for just that reason.

This young family needed a space for the kids to play without them sounding like they are coming through the ceiling! The finished area is around 700 sq.ft which allowed them to have a good sized living room with a small area for the kids to play and store their toys.

Sound proof insulation was added in the ceiling to help when Dad sneaks down to watch the game. I know from experience how loud the pitter patter of kids running can be on the floor above. As with most of our remodels we like to install decorative railings to open up the staircase as opposed to a solid wall. Some recessed lighting was added along with wood trim to cover the home’s support columns. All the walls are insulated and have a proper vapor barrier to prevent moisture behind the walls.

This basement remodel in Turnersville, New Jersey took only 4.5 weeks start to finish at a cost of $35,000 which comes to roughly $50/sqft. That’s a great price point to start. Adding a bathroom, a bar, or vinyl plank floor would all be extra costs.

Photos of Basement Remodel in Turnersville, NJ

Whether for the kids, an in-law suite or a man cave, click on the link: 


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Basement Remodel in Gloucester Township, NJ

Basement Remodel in Gloucester Township

Ideal recently completed this Basement Remodel in Gloucester Township New Jersey that has been in the planning stages for several years. Imagine being ready to do a large project like this and your sewer line cracks & floods your basement! Well that is exactly what happened. It damaged walls and was a massive cleanup. Then the soil pipe needed repairs setting the project back even more. Once the time was right, our team came in and got to work! The space went from a dark, dingy storage area to a comfortable living space in 4 weeks! 

Features of Basement Remodel in Gloucester Township, NJ 

  • Opening the staircase wall and replacing wall damage
  • New vinyl basement windows 
  • New trim 
  • LED Wafer lights on Alexa controlled switches
  • Fresh paint 
  • Custom oak railings with black aluminum balusters 
  • Custom stained oak stair treads 
  • A custom built wall unit for fireplace and tv
  • A new 3d electric fireplace  
  • Performax brand LVP flooring throughout

Photos of Basement Remodel in Gloucester Township, NJ 

Remodeling your basement is great way to add usable living space to your home, less expensive than building an addition and much easier then moving! If you need a Basement Remodel in Gloucester Township or anywhere in South Jersey, request a FREE Estimate today!


Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Blackwood, NJ

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Blackwood, NJ

Our team at Ideal Remodeling recently completed a multi-year kitchen and bathroom renovation in Blackwood, NJ for a new client who felt it was time to get their kitchen and all 3 of their bathrooms renovated. This project encompassed a full master bathroom, hall bathroom, kitchen remodel, and powder room, each designed to maximize space, enhance functionality, and create a luxurious feel.

Kitchen Transformation:

The original kitchen felt cramped due to a bulky 90s pantry closet. We replaced it with a sleek, tall pantry cabinet, creating more space and highlighting the home’s impressive 9ft ceilings. A custom-built island provided additional storage and counter space, while stacked cabinetry maximized storage in the upper cabinets. To top it off, we incorporated drawers throughout, offering easy access and organization.

Master Bathroom Oasis:

The master bathroom originally featured a rarely used soaker tub and a tiny shower stall. We transformed this space into a spa-like retreat. The unused tub was replaced with a spacious walk-in shower complete with a built-in bench and a rain showerhead. The former shower space was cleverly converted into a built-in linen cabinet, seamlessly matching the new vanity. This innovative design offered ample storage and created a resort-inspired ambiance.

Hallway Bathroom Makeover:

The original hall bathroom felt narrow and outdated, with the shower occupying the long wall, creating an uninviting hallway feel. We completely reimagined the layout. We removed the existing window and repositioned it to center it over the new bathtub, raising it for a more elegant look. We strategically moved the shower to the back wall, allowing space for a double bowl vanity. This clever redesign opened up the entire bathroom, making it feel significantly larger and brighter without any physical expansion.

Beyond the Remodel:

At Ideal Remodeling, we believe in going beyond simply renovating your space. We work closely with you throughout the entire process, from initial design consultations to final touches, ensuring your vision comes to life seamlessly. We pride ourselves on our meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and exceptional customer service, guaranteeing a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

If you’re dreaming of a kitchen or bathroom that reflects your unique style and enhances your South Jersey home, contact Ideal Remodeling today. Let us help you create a space that not only looks stunning but also functions beautifully for years to come. Have a look at some more of our kitchen projects and bathroom projects here, and be sure to visit our Facebook page to see customer reviews, great kitchen remodeling ideas and much more!

Quote From Customer

“Ideal Remodeling renovated our kitchen and all three of the bathrooms in our house. They went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy with every single detail. They use quality materials, and all of their subcontractors (plumbing, tile, electricity, painters, etc.) do excellent work. Their pricing is very reasonable, and they provide you with estimates quickly. We have had the new kitchen for over a year, and we love everything about it. The owner, Mike, is always available for questions or concerns, and is very involved in every step of the project. Our bathroom project required a new siding on our 24 year old house, and Mike went all over the tri-state area until he found an exact match to our existing siding. Ideal Remodeling has visionary ideas for how to best improve your home space and utilize every square inch to give you the best results. We highly recommend them for any renovation you may need.”

Photos of Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation in Blackwood, NJ

5 Things to Consider During a Bathroom Remodel

5 Things to Consider During a Bathroom Remodel

Let’s take a look at five things homeowners should consider when having a bathroom remodel done to their house.

#1 Bathroom Size

Size really doesn’t make that much of a difference! Obviously a bathroom remodel done to very large bathrooms will be more expensive. Simply put, a bathroom that is 50 sq.ft. is not that much different in price then a bathroom that is 75 sq.ft. even though it is 1.5 times the size. Logic would tell you it should be 1.5 times the price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “but it’s such a small bathroom”. As most remodeling projects go, the smaller the space the larger the cost per sq.ft.

#2 Permits- Not All Jobs Need One

This was not always the case in New Jersey. Recently the law has changed so that as long you are replacing with the same type of fixture in the same location you do not need a permit. So if in your bathroom remodel, you change out a tub enclosure with a new unit, no permit is needed. Now if you change that same enclosure to a full tile shower (no tub) you would need a permit even though it is in the same location. It is referred to as: “Like for Like.”

#3 Bathroom Remodel Project Timeline

A basic bathroom remodel is typically 2 weeks. I know, all contractors say that. If the bathroom is being gutted, changing fixture locations or if it has inspections involved, it could take 3-4 weeks. Of course larger bathrooms could take longer.

#4 Age of Home Affects Price

The age of the home also plays a part in the price. The older the home the more extensive the remodel. An old home means old pipes, floor boards the are rotted and most times cannot be tiled over. Many times the older homes have had multiple remodels over the years that were done poorly. These remodels sometimes cause more damage and add more costs to correct.

#5 Age of Plumbing

Most homes built from the 1980’s until now have pvc or abs drain lines. If your home was built before then you may have to consider having all of your drain and water lines replaced under the floor. Older pipes are undersized by today’s standards. This is a large expense that many people don’t understand since it all worked fine before. Look at it this way, If you are going to spend the time and money on remodeling you want to make sure everything drains properly. The vibration from the demo can loosen old joints and debris in the drain lines that can cause clogs and leaks. Replacing the plumbing ensures that your new investment is protected.

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Kitchen Remodel In Woolwich Township, NJ

Kitchen Remodel In Woolwich Township

As Ideal Remodeling, we recently completed a major kitchen remodel in Woolwich Township, NJ on an oversized bi-level home. The project presented a unique challenge in the form of a load-bearing wall that needed to be removed and replaced with a flush beam. With careful planning and execution, we successfully overcame this obstacle and transformed the kitchen into a truly remarkable space.

A key element of the remodel was the relocation of the window and patio door, which allowed us to create a large walk-in pantry that rivals most kitchens in its own right. The cabinets and kitchen island, crafted from Saint Martin Cabinetry and adorned with quartz countertops, add a touch of elegance and functionality to the space.

But the true showstopper is the custom-made copper hood, sourced from a Copper Kitchen Specialist. This one-of-a-kind piece serves not only as a practical ventilation system but also as a stunning focal point that sets the entire kitchen apart.

The homeowners are overjoyed with the outcome of the project, and we are delighted to have played a role in creating their dream kitchen. We wish them many years of happy memories in this timeless and inviting space.

Watch a Video of This Project>>>

Highlights of Kitchen Remodel In Woolwich Township, NJ

  • Removal and Replacement of Load Bearing Wall
  • Relocation of Window and Patio Door
  • Large Walk-In Pantry
  • Cabinets and Kitchen Island
  • Farmhouse Sink
  • Custom Copper Hood
  • Hardwood Flooring

Photos of Kitchen Remodel In Woolwich Township, NJ

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Kitchen Remodeling in Bellmawr, NJ

Kitchen Remodeling in Bellmawr, NJ

Ideal Remodeling recently finished a kitchen remodeling in Bellmawr, NJ that went well beyond the kitchen and changed the layout of the entire first floor. This project is one of my favorites! Not because of the selections that were made or level of finish applied but because of the family it has made a difference for! It’s great to remodel homes with the latest trends but better to remodel homes for good people. That is exactly what we did here. We listened to the client and gave them the home that they have always hoped for one day. The gratitude that has been expressed to us makes all the hard work we put in not so hard after all.

So let’s talk about the project! This was a small Cape Cod style home in Bellmawr NJ that was built in a time where builders pretty much put as many rooms in a house as they could. Open floor plans just weren’t considered practical and they didn’t have the capabilities without using steel beams as we do today. We removed 2 walls in this home. One was separating the kitchen from the living room which was non load bearing. The other was between the kitchen and a room at the back of the home which was load bearing. This required an lvl beam, steel posts and footings in the basement. This new floor plan opened up the option to replace a window in the rear with a gliding patio door to access the backyard. Then closing off the side entry completely to make more wall space for cabinets.

With all of the changes in this home it took some serious planning. We added entry doors, removed walls, relocated radiators and even add a landing and stairs where there wasn’t one. In the end it is now a home that this family can entertain in comfortably without moving from the home they raised their children in! We travel this particular road frequently and are sure to get a good feeling for many years when we pass by this home!

Before Kitchen Remodeling in Bellmawr, NJ

Before Kitchen Remodeling in Bellmawr, NJ

After Kitchen Remodeling in Bellmawr, NJ

Kitchen Remodeling in Bellmawr, NJ

After Kitchen Remodeling in Bellmawr, NJ

Woolwich Township Bathroom Remodel

woolwich township bathroom remodeling

We recently completed this Woolwich Township bathroom remodel in Swedesboro, NJ. For a small space, this bathroom has so much happening in it.

To start with, the porcelain basketweave tile almost looks 3D on the floor! The tile carries straight through to the shower with absolutely no curb. The shower floor pitches towards the shower wall where water is gathered in the stainless steel line drain. This eliminates the need for a curb.

Not only does this shower look amazing but it can make getting in and out of the shower safer and easier, making it perfect for young and old residents alike

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Features of Woolwich Township Bathroom Remodel

  • Porcelain Basketweave Tile
  • Seamless Floor-Shower Transition
  • Curbless Shower System
  • Custom Shower Doors
  • Built-In Soap/Shampoo Caddy
  • Maximum Use of a Small Space


Video of Woolwich Township Bathroom Remodel 

Are you a Woolwich Township resident in search of a home remodeling company that can remake and revitalize your bathroom? Reach out to Ideal Remodeling today, and let us know what you’re looking for! We can turn your bathroom into a beautiful and functional space that you’ll love, and add value to your Woolwich Township home.

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Kitchen Remodel in Haddon Heights, NJ

Kitchen Remodel in Haddon Heights

Ideal Remodeling recently completed this kitchen remodel in Haddon Heights New Jersey.Have a look at the beautiful finished project in the photos and video below!

The kitchen layout was changed a bit to provide more storage and counter space. We accomplished this by moving the refrigerator location, and installing a tall pantry cabinet.

The cabinets are from Saint Martin Cabinetry, with granite counters and a solid granite backsplash. Concealed outlets are mounted to the underside of the wall cabinets, giving the backsplash a cleaner look.

The flooring is a glue down vinyl plank by Mannington, that was installed in a classic herringbone pattern.

For a small space in an older home, this remodel has made a big impact on the home. We are happy that that this family will enjoy their kitchen remodel in Haddon Heights over the upcoming holiday season and for many years to come!

Kitchen Remodel in Haddon Heights Highlights

  • Relocation of Appliances
  • Saint Martin Cabinets
  • Granite Backsplash
  • Concealed Electrical Outlets
  • Herringbone Floor Planks

Kitchen Remodel Photos

Are you a Haddon Heights homeowner looking to remake your kitchen? Let the pros at Ideal Remodeling be your choice! When you contact us, we’ll meet with you for a consultation, offer you all sorts of options, and help you design your dream kitchen. We’ll make your kitchen space more beautiful and functional, and add value to your home. Get started today…click here to request an estimate!

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